Current Condition

Building 7 forms part of the Devonshire Square campus, which is located within a block bound by Cutler Street, Harrow Place, Middlesex Street and New Street in The City of London.

In its current condition, Building 7 is tired and in need of investment to extend its operational life. The current office layouts do not respond to the needs or expectations of modern office occupiers, and there is a lack of clear wayfinding through the site to Harrow Place.

The site

Similarly, in its current condition, the public realm is dominated by hard landscaping making it an unwelcoming environment for passers-by. Similarly, the shape of the office blocks creates a series of segregated spaces within the site. We want to address this by integrating these spaces through a central square, and for this to become the “heart” of the scheme.

To summarise, we believe there is an opportunity to:

  • Improve the efficiency of the office space
  • Enhance the building’s energy efficiency
  • Introduce a substantial element of landscaping across the campus
  • Improve the building frontages around the Campus
  • Reimagine the public realm

Existing view of Middlesex Street frontage

Existing hard landscaping

Existing hard landscaping on Cutler Street

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